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Dr. Cletus Georges Considers Impact of Reduced Sleep Quality on Urologic Health

Urology specialist Dr. Cletus Georges explores the links between sleep disorders, erectile dysfunction, and testosterone deficiency in male patients. From cardiovascular disease to obesity, poor sleep has long been associated with a variety of serious health complaints. Also understood to negatively impact urologic health, Dr. Cletus Georges, a leading urologist located in Orlando, Florida, considers the […]

Dr. Cletus Georges - When to See a Specialist

Dr. Cletus Georges Explains Urologist Role and When to See a Specialist

Urologist Dr. Cletus Georges provides professional insight into the field and reveals when to see a urology specialist. A prominent Florida-based physician and urology specialist, Dr. Cletus Georges provides expert insight into the profession as he explains when it may be necessary to visit a urologist, including for conditions ranging from painful bladder syndrome and interstitial cystitis […]

Dr. Cletus Georges Shares Details of Risk Factors Tied to Prostate Cancer

Physician and urology specialist Dr. Cletus Georges explores key prostate cancer risk factors identified in the United States.   With the list of prostate cancer risk factors being potentially extensive and wide-reaching, particularly in older patients, it’s vital that all men fully understand and appreciate the facts and figures, according to Florida-based physician and urology […]